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Sat Mar 31 2012, 05:11PM
Hi, Everyone. My name is Stuart. I am 40+ yrs old and married. I live in Virginia. I'm a computer technician. I noticed a few other techs on the forum when reading earlier. If can help, just let me know also. I played on your BF3 server earlier, nice server. I saved Server in favorites and also this site in favorites. Nice to meet you' all. ^^
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Sat Mar 31 2012, 06:07PM
Again, Welcome!
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Sat Mar 31 2012, 08:14PM
Watch your Back.. She has a KNIFE....
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Glad to have you with us. You will find lots of "addicts" here to play with on a regular basis
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Sat Mar 31 2012, 10:29PM
Nice playing with you today Jedi, or was it against
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Sun Apr 01 2012, 12:26AM
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welcome sir
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Sun Apr 01 2012, 02:17AM
SoV Leader

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Great having you again Stu....I'm from PA.
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Sun Apr 01 2012, 03:54AM
Recruit Council
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Nice man, i dont think you have to worry about your age tho.. lol. I an 32 and there are quit a few of us that are over 40.. make yourself at home man and have some fun with us

Hope to see ya soon !

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Sun Apr 01 2012, 10:50AM
Retired Ruler of the World!

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Only 40???? Blasted youngsters!
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Sun Apr 01 2012, 02:01PM
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Nice to have you. Thanks for stopping by.
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Sun Apr 01 2012, 02:19PM
Supreme SMB Commander
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Hey welcome. What part of Virginia are you from?
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