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bullet Propbndr
12 Dec 16 : 15:35
Hey Spreilly!
bullet spreilly
11 Dec 16 : 16:15
bullet Propbndr
10 Nov 16 : 09:26
No, we have no servers at all.
bullet justloaf1
10 Nov 16 : 01:23
is there still a TS or mumble for SoV?
bullet Propbndr
29 Aug 16 : 12:10
Not me. Unless some major EA/DICE stance changes are made, I will not be getting the game.
bullet MikeRodgers
28 Aug 16 : 23:51
Anyone gonna be playing the BF1 beta on Wednesday?
bullet Leejr
10 Jun 16 : 19:26
I'm for it if guys will use it. Just say the work and I'll buy it.
bullet Propbndr
15 May 16 : 00:41
What are your thoughts about getting a bfbc2 server?
bullet Budweizer
13 May 16 : 19:29
I enjoy BBC2 but haven't found any multi sites. I have played it 4 times single, trying to beat my prior endeavor.
Would love to get back in the game with y'all!
bullet Leejr
25 Mar 16 : 21:17
Maybe we should give it another shot, I think I'll reload it.

SoV Clan Charter
Soldiers of Valour Clan Charter

Clan Statement

The Soldiers of Valour gaming clan was founded on April 14, 2008 after several individuals broke off from a larger online gaming community. SoV is a social clan dedicated to providing a great gaming atmosphere to players of the Battlefield franchise.

While SoV is more like a family than a regimented organization as is the case with many gaming clans, this document sets out a clear set of rules and guidelines for how members are expected to behave, what is expected of them, and what they will get out of it in return.

Clan Objectives

These simple objectives may sound obvious but are the most important elements of SoV. With these objectives in mind, SoV can be continually made a better place each day.

- To treat each other with respect and honesty
- To play fair
- To have fun

SoV was founded as a family-friendly clan. This means we strive to treat each other with family values, most notably respect and honesty at all times. The original founders envisioned a clan dedicated to providing and fostering a positive, safe gaming environment appropriate for players of all ages, ethnicities, and creeds. Our actions are guided by this vision on and off the battlefield.

Respect is one of the most important elements in this clan. If you have a lack of respect for your fellow man, then you cannot expect respect back. Members are expected to respect both clanmates and server guests. Online gaming seems to lend itself particularly well to trash talking and animosity. We should always try to rise above it and continue to treat fellow players and opponents with respect.

Remember that as part of SoV you are representing the clan as a whole whenever you play in public wearing the clan tags, even if you are playing under a pseudonym, poor behavior has a habit of coming back to haunt you or the rest of the clan.

SoV expects honesty of all its members. It is very important that everyone in SoV shares their honest opinion with each other concerning clan issues. Honesty is important for the friendships within the clan.

By treating each other with respect and honesty, we can ultimately build strong friendships.

SoV believes in fair play when it comes to gaming. We do not permit cheaters, stats-padders, or hackers to play on our servers. Several server rules are in place to uphold our beliefs and make gameplay fair and smooth. Server rules are determined on a game-by-game basis and are listed on our website. By endorsing fair play, SoV makes its servers a great place to play.

Above all, having fun is all what SoV is about both in and out of gaming. If you are not enjoying the time you spend with SoV, whether on the battlefield, the forums, or Ventrillo, then perhaps you are not with the right crowd.

If you are not doing one or more of these things, then SoV may not be for you.


SoV is always looking for new good members to join our rankings. See our recruiting section of the forums. To join SoV, all that is necessary is to put in an application and you will be approved for a 30-day Recruit probation. Recruits should play with and get to know as many SoV members as possible and be active on SoV servers, Ventrilo, and website. If Recruits show the qualities SoV is looking for after the 30-day period they will be made full members through a vote by the SoV Council.

Clan Rules

I. Communication

Communication is vital in order for this clan to work and function. Just as we expect people to be honest, we feel it is important that our members are able to express their feelings and thoughts to each other. All our members communicate regularly through a number of means, including our website forum, Ventrillo, in game, etc. Anyone should feel comfortable speaking to anyone else whether that person is a SoV Council or the newest recruit.

II. Teamwork & Fair Play

Members of SoV are expected to act as an ambassador for the clan at all times. This means that any member’s behavior must reflect the values of the clan. This goes beyond your attitude and friendliness towards other clan members but should reach out to other clans and non-affiliated players as well.

Cheating is something that we as a clan will not tolerate. Members found to be cheating, hacking, or stats-padding will be immediately expelled from SoV.

III. Clan Activity

As with everything in life, sometimes you need to take a break from certain parts in order to concentrate on the rest. If you feel you need to take a break from gaming within the clan, just let us know by posting on the forums. If your reasons for taking a break are related to the clan itself, then we ask that you talk to members beforehand, so that we can resolve the problems (if we can). Even if you decide to leave the clan, you would be welcome to stay in touch with us and visit the forums; leaving the clan does not mean leaving your friends. Real life always takes precedence over gaming.

IV. Clan Discipline

Although the clan is and always will remain a group of friends first, and a social club second, it cannot exist without the rules discussed in this document. As such, it must be remembered that breaking these rules will not be without consequences.

SoV was founded on a Code of Ethics and while the clan has grown, these simple rules have still remained the basis for its operation. Members found not to be following the Code of Ethics will be punished accordingly.

SoV Code of Ethics:
1. Members must not swear and are expected to keep their composure at all times.
2. Members must not make racial comments.
3. Members must respect others at all times
4. Members must be committed to SoV only. They must not be members of any other clans (in the game(s) we support).
5. Members must not persecute religious beliefs, make any anti-religious remarks, or make blasphemous comments.

The following offences are considered gross misconduct and members found committing these offences will be immediately expelled from SoV:

- Use of aimbots, cheats, hacks, stat-padding methods, or any code, which is considered illegal in professional gaming circles
- Use of racial, religious, sexual, or any other persecution of clan members or the public
- Posting or reproducing internal clan information from any private area of the forum to individuals or other websites outside the clan without express permission or arrangement

V. Hierarchy and the Decision-Making

Although SoV is for the most part a friendly and democratic clan, in order to ensure smooth running we have put in place several positions. These positions do not represent power, but rather jobs and duties assigned. All positions are merit based.

Be aware that anyone regardless of position can lose their duties and or possible removal if they are not up to the task or do anything to tarnish SoV. Being SoV is a privilege and a responsibility, as we want to portray the best of what it is to be SoV.

SoV is broken down as follows:

Leader: Will make all final decisions if needed

Council: Council will make important decisions regarding the good of SoV. Each Council member is assigned an area of expertise or duty in which they serve. Some Council may serve in several areas due to their expertise in those areas.

Administrators: The Administrator rank designates those who have earned administrative powers on the servers. Depending on the game, there may be several ranks within this category that are spelled out in the admin section of the forums. Their main duties are to uphold the rules, promote SoV, and keep the servers fair and fun.

Members: These are the heart and soul and blood of SoV.

Recruits: These are people who have applied to SoV for membership and are proving they have what it takes to be SoV


SoV Leader/Council: LeeJr
Founders/Council: EaglesPhan, Ferrari, Wookie, Medic, Nolan55, Big Mike, Ben124365
Council: Propbndr, Executioner1, Maniac, Ghoda, Ferraridude, DOCWidowmaker, Deloli5, Budweizer

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